Overview of FAANGMineΒΆ

This section provides a brief overview of the layout for FAANGMine.


The navigation panel highlights different functionalities of FAANGMine.

Home - The home page for FAANGMine

MyMine - The MyMine serves as a portal for account management. When logged in to FAANGMine Users can access their saved templates, most recent queries and saved lists.

Templates - List of templates that users can select from based on the nature of their query. Each template is a predefined query with a simple form containing a description of what input is expected and the type of output that will be generated.

Lists - Allows users to upload lists of genes on which they can perform enrichment analyses and export the results. Users that log in to FAANGMine can save their lists for future use.

QueryBuilder - A flexible interface that allows users to create their own custom query template while browing the FAANGMine data models. Queries can be exported in a variety of formats to share with other users.

Regions - The Genomic Region Search tool where users can enter a series of genomic coordinates, specify flanking regions and fetch all features that fall within the given interval. The result can be exported or saved as a list for further analyses.

Data Sources - Provides a summary of all the data loaded into FAANGMine including their sources, associated publications and links to source sites.

Help - Links to the FAANGMine help docs and tutorials

API - Describes the InterMine API that allows users to programmatically access FAANGMine.